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Ranch Raised Naturally Lean Texas Longhorn Beef

Our cattle are raised on grass and finished on an all-natural oats & barley mixture at our ranch. They are ready for market at 12 months of age. Our cattle are healthy and well cared for.

We market our meat as Naturally Lean Texas Longhorn Beef that is low in fat and low in cholesterol, therefore healthy for you.

The meat is Government Inspected and processed in a government-inspected facility.

We offer you the following choices:

PACKAGE # 1 (30 lbs.)

PACKAGE # 2 (65 lbs.)

PACKAGE # 3 (130 lbs.)

Why you may wish to try our Texas Longhorn Beef:

  • We do not use any antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones on our animals,

  • Texas Longhorn Beef is naturally flavourful and tender; it tastes great!

  • Texas Longhorn Beef is leaner and lower in cholesterol than other meat.  (See chart)

Nutrient Composition
(3 - Ounce Cooked Serving)

Texas Longhorn Beef 120 3.2 53
Other Beef 183 8.4 73
Pork 179 8.0 72
Chicken, (skinless) 162 3.6 76
Turkey (skinless) 145 4.2 65
Bison 122 2.1 70
Salmon (sockeye) 183 9.3 74

Source: USDA Agriculture Handbook #8

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